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The Seminole Indians


Introduction | How They Came to Be | Religious Beliefs | Native Clothing and Housing | Green Corn Ceremony | Death and Burial Ritual | Conclusion


         One of Americas well known Indian tribes, the Seminoles, have been around for over two hundred years. Two hundred and thirty nine to be exact since their existence was recorded down to a specific day and place (Unconquered People 14). Known as one of "The Five Civilized Tribes", their civilization has some of the white mans influence (The Indian Heritage of America 108). However, their civilization is still rich with tradition and culture. They have managed to keep their beliefs and still practice their ritual and ceremony. One such ritual that is still practiced is the death and burial rite (Seminole Music 6 & 34). It seems as though they were influenced by ancient beliefs due to the fact that the Seminoles believe that worldly possessions should pass on with them into their afterlife (Floridas Seminole Indians 83-84). This and many more rituals are found the Seminoles to practice when one is deceased. Though influenced by the white man, the Seminoles possess a strong sense of culture as seen through one of their many rituals, the death and burial rite.

Seminole children